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The only specialist magazine that focusses exclusively on the Styrian harmonica: the “Harmonikawelt”. Here, the reader can expect up-to-date insights, practical tips and reports on people from the scene, as well as portraits on the instrument makers and information on the craft.

Giving folk music a stage

The Styrian harmonica, also known locally as the Ziach, is a type of bisonoric, diatonic button accordion.
Primarily at home in Bavaria and Austria, the instrument plays an important role in folk music. To keep it that way, the “Harmonikawelt” has set itself the task of supporting professional musicians as well as beginners and amateur musicians.

Alongside the main section, there is an extensive practical section that comprises the presentation of various techniques as well as music scores to practise, which are accompanied in the app with additional videos and audio contributions. The “Doctor Harmonica” column informs about the care and storage of the instrument and gives advice for ones own repair work.

Harmonikawelt – more than an app

In addition to digital reading, the web version of the magazine offers its own shop system in which individual purchases and subscriptions can be acquired as well as free trial and preview editions.
In addition to “Harmonikawelt” you will find “zwiefach” and “akkordeon magazine” in the shop.


The “Harmonikawelt”: read online or as iOS or Android app.
Category: News & Magazines

Language: German

ear of publication: 2018

Content: payable

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