Digital content is a matter of course, right?

Part I: Who uses a digital solution and what motivates them? A short customer analysis.

How do you know the right moment has arrived to offer your content digitally? At the latest when the sales and readership numbers are on the decline or the readers themselves have requested it. We’ll show you the benefits of digital publishing, give an overview of who uses a digital solution and illustrate what you can achieve with digital content. Inspiration and support for decision-making can be found here for those still in doubt or looking for the right digital solution.

Who uses a digital publishing solution?

Preparing and offering content digitally is beneficial to all content providers in this day and age. The largest group are newspaper and magazine publishers , whether they be small publishers with one to five employees or large media houses. A second big group are the corporate publishers from enterprises and agencies who want to reach their customers digitally, for instance to improve their service or to sell their products. Here, too, the range extends from medium-sized companies to large corporations. Contents include product catalogues, sales materials or customer and employee magazines. In addition, more and more clubs, associations and foundations are using digital publishing solutions to reach members and decision-makers cost-effectively at any time and practically anywhere. Caption: A percentage listing of the publications that are implemented with our digital solution. Kundensegment_nach_Titeln
A percentage listing of publications, which use our digital solution.

Who is responsible for the digital solution?

The persons responsible for the digital solution are as diverse as the application areas for digital content. In smaller publishers, digitization is a top priority: publishers, editors-in-chief and managing directors are often personally responsible for the app. They are the initiators and drivers of the project and lead by example. In larger publishing houses, individual editors are responsible for managing the digital content and are supported in turn by the graphics and IT departments. The enrichment of the publications – the integration of additional texts and media – is also sometimes taken on by student staff in the editing department. Editors are not always responsible: digitization projects are almost as frequently in the hands product managers and customer service staff. This includes the Human Resource Departments, which maintain the app instead of or in addition to an intranet. In some companies, the communications and marketing departments are also responsible for the digital publishing solution.

Who and how many employees do you need to digitize your content?

The maintenance of digital content depends on the number and type of your publications. Often, no special knowledge is required to use a digital solution, so that every employee can be quickly trained. Depending on the extent to which the contents are enriched with media, it can take a little more time, but often one person is sufficient. As far as the sphere of responsibility is concerned, two people familiar with the process is enough. Why offer digital content at all? The motivation to search for a digital solution can be very different. In principle, there are three scenarios that drive our customers:
  • The behaviour of readers and customers is changing. The (former) readers watch e.g. videos and series in their spare time, rather than reading newspapers.
  • The current business situation is stagnating. This can be consistent reader numbers or your own brand not getting beyond a certain level of awareness.
  • The business situation is developing negatively. The number of subscribers and advertisers or even the turnover is on the decline.
The search for a solution is sometimes triggered by the readers themselves who deliberately ask for a digital format. Or the traffic to an already existing digital service is on the increase. Both are ideal conditions for expanding the digital process. Advertisers are also looking for more innovative advertising opportunities to place their products. The best reason to seek out a digital solution is, however, always your own motivation. It might be your desire to modernise your brand and image, to speak to new reader groups or simply to expand the service for readers. Further, with a digital solution the additional content that arises in the editing process can be skilfully incorporated and profitably implemented. This includes optimising work processes and getting rid of the never-ending paper work. Sales and services are thus freed up. The process also includes replacing any pre-existing digital solutions. This is often due to maintenance reasons and the technology itself. Tip: Service should play an important role in choosing the correct digital solution.

The best incentive is your own inner motivation

Today’s changing consumer behaviour is a crucial incentive for considering digital content. But just as decisive is ones own desire for change and the will for further development. In this it is advisable to have your team on board in the decision-making process; that way everyone can set their sights on a common end-goal.
In part two, we look at the concrete goals that can be reached with a digital solution and the criteria you can use to measure your success.

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