More than an e-paper

Simple and effective

Create a high-quality, multimedia, intuitively operable magazine app that is suitable for both mobile and web – it’s not hard! Our customer service will support you with all technical questions.

Three steps to a multimedia reading experience

Upload PDF

Upload the PDF of your publication to the PressMatrix Workbench. The Workbench is the space where you design your e-papers and prepare them for publication and also where you keep an eye on key figures, such as the number of downloads and sales. 

After you have uploaded the PDF, all texts and images are extracted automatically, which optimally prepares your material for its transformation into multimedia content.

Enrich Content

With just a few clicks you can create a multimedia magazine of your own design. Enrich your publication with videos, additional images and galleries, audio and other content. In the PressMatrix Workbench, widgets are used to implement such enhancements. Choose from numerous widgets with different functions.

An example: You want to replace an image in your print edition with a video in the app version. To do this, select the image, assign the video widget, and upload the corresponding video. – Done! In the same manner you can integrate content of any kind, create page references (also across issues), and add links.

Publish as an app

Publish your digital magazine in your own app or as a browser version with just one click. Your publication will then be available in the prechosen app stores and as a browser version on your chosen publication date.

In the PressMatrix Workbench, you can conveniently manage all your issues and track their development using the reporting tools. A prerequisite for publishing your app is an account with the relevant app store/s. In addition, you should define a price and activation code strategy in advance and store this in the Workbench.

At a glance: The PressMatrix solution for digital publishing and distribution

Be it articles, magazines, or other publications such as catalogues or sales materials, the goal is to digitize your content, achieve more reach, and increase your digital sales. Enrich your publication with multimedia and interactive elements, and offer your customers a special reading experience on various digital channels – with the PressMatrix solution.

Go on, take a look!

You’d like to know what the result feels like? Then take a look at our Showcase Magazine for a comparable experience. The button takes you directly to our PressMatrix Live app or to the browser version, depending on where you are coming from.