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In the magazine “Kryptokompass”, investors provide exclusive monthly assessments and comprehensive analyses of the current situation on the crypto markets. The reader can thus evaluate the relevant risks and make long-term successful investments. In the meantime they also pick up helpful insights into the underlying blockchain technology.

“Kryptocompass” – the first stock market newsletter for digital currencies

The app enhances the digital reading experience according to the topic and supports the print content with additional explanatory videos, graphics and pictures.

Beginning in November all fans of Bitcoin & Co. can take advantage of a new feature. The “Kryptocompass” offer will be supplemented by an Alexa skill, by means of which the current stock market values and the latest investment opportunities and risks can be accessed quickly and effectively on a daily basis.

How it works?

Usind the “Alexa Skill” app from amazon, search for the “Kryptokompass”, activate it, and add to the daily summary skills. From now on, you can simply retrieve the information by saying “Alexa, what’s my daily summary?” Have fun!


The Kryptokompass app for iOS, Android,to read in the web or for listening as a Alexa Skill>
Category: News & Magazines

Language: German

Year of publication: 2018

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