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The best way to discover what is going on in your area is to take a look at the local gazettes. The LINUS WITTICH publishing house provides 950 of these for the most diverse regions in Germany, Oberaurach, Lohr, Geldersheim etc, etc.

LINUS WITTICH: municipality newsletter

The most recent editions are always to be found on the first pages; older editions are archived. All are conveniently readable on smartphone or tablet and, thanks to the text mode, have an individually adjustable font size.
In addition, on request local authorities keep the reader informed directly and immediately by means of push notifications on the user’s own device.

Along with the apps and the web version, LINUS WITTICH has recently been offering the latest news from the regions as an Alexa Skill. With the Alexa voice assistant the listener can use voice input to call up a daily summary of the most important messages.

Just try it out

Using the “Alexa Skill” app from Amazon, search for the LINUS WITTICH Skill, activate it, and add to the daily summary skills. From now on, you can simply retrieve the information by saying “Alexa, what’s my daily summary?” Have fun!

linus wittich app

The LINUS WITTICH app for iOS and Android, or for the web and for listening as Alexa Skill
Category: News & Magazines

Language: German

Year of publication: 2017

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