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Once a year, the IFOVA holiday magazine, “Ferienmagazin Deutschland”, offers inspiring tips for those still planning their summer trip or even the next one. Whether it be north or south, a city trip or a nature adventure, here you will find events, new hotels and guest houses as well as cultural highlights and activities in all regions, for singles to the extended family.

If you can satisfy the wanderlust so close

The individual excursion destinations are presented in portraits and reports underscored with historical and cultural background information. With additional photo galleries and videos, reports on festivals, concerts and other events come alive in the app.

ferienmagazin deutschland app

The magazine „Ferienmagazin Deutschland“ as app. in der App-Ansicht. Always at hand, even on the go.
The magazine „Ferienmagazin Deutschland“ for the Web and as Android app.

Category: Travel

Language: German

App published: 2018

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