A Smoother, More Intuitive Reading Experience

Upgrading to our new app build version 4.x means a fresh layout, many minor improvements and some exciting new features. In future, all app updates will come with an automatic upgrade for both Android and iOS.

What does this mean for existing customers?



Upgrading to the newest app version means migrating your app design. Most of the colours and graphics can be reused in the new app. What’s new is the shop logo, which is a scalable graphic element in the kiosk header. We need your company logo in SVG format as a prerequisite for building your new app.

The splash screen has been replaced by a start screen which is generated automatically from your app icon and your chosen background colour. This means that the start screen is adaptable to all devices and it is no longer necessary to create a range of graphics. Future developments will focus on optimizing the app for the Apple and Google Play stores. Due to a lack of positive developments in terms of downloads and sales, we have decided to discontinue Amazon App Store support for the time being.





What’s New?

The new functionality of the app makes production easier and provides your readers with an even more enjoyable reading experience. Many of our clients have tested the new version extensively over the last couple of months, further securing the quality and stability of the new client.

    • Push Notifications with Badge
      You can now communicate with your readers at regular intervals via push notifications. A small red dot appears on the app icon to indicate new messages.

    • Save the Android App on External Storage
      Offer your readers more control over the storage capacity of their smartphones: the app can now be stored on external memory.

    • Feedback Button in App Settings
      The new feedback button is a way for your readers to get in touch with you directly and seamlessly over the app. All relevant system information (app version, device, etc.) is automatically attached to the email message, enabling you to provide faster and more effective support.

    • ReadMatrix Article Teaser Display
      Teaser images of ReadMatrix articles are now displayed in the 4:3 aspect ratio in both the app and the browser client. This ensures a more aesthetic and uniform appearance.

    • Uncut Covers in Kiosk View
      In the new client, magazine covers can now be shown in their original format, as the display adapts to the aspect ratio of the cover.

    • Native Player for Audio and Video
      Audio and video widgets are streamed in a native player. This is not only increases stability, but also the perceived ease of use and less disruptions to user experience.

More features and improvements are in development and will be included in future version releases of the app. Want to update your apps to the new client version? A step-by-step guide can be found in our Help Center. For further enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our service team at service@pressmatrix.de and +49 30 364 288 766.

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What’s Next?

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