Digitization is happening. It is a multifaceted process.

Articles, magazines and other publications, catalogues , sales materials – the digitization of content means more reach, increased digital sales and customers inspired by innovative formats and interaction options. PressMatrix supports content creators and media producers in the development of digital concepts and their implementation throughout the entire content marketing lifecycle. In brief, our job is to help your content achieve digital success.

From print to digital

Make more of your publication and content: With a native app you can reach your target audience digitally and provide a contemporary, multimedia reading experience. Our solution for digital publishing and distribution includes important components for the support of sales, marketing and controlling. As a white label solution, you design the apps in your own corporate design.

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Let your content speak for itself at anywhere and anytime with a native PressMatrix app.

More reach.

Digital publishing means publishing content on multiple digital channels. This enables you to reach your target groups in the very places where they go to inform themselves and at the very moment you have something interesting to report. Optimize the distribution of your content with ReadMatrix, our solution for digital publishing: Publish targeted individual articles in social media or in your PressMatrix app and analyze the success based on the usage data, shares and likes on the respective platforms.

become easily visible!

With readMatrix a simple click publishes your articles on a variety of channels.

Increased sales.

Make your content digitally successful Find out if you are targeting the right channels and how to reach new audiences. Increase your digital revenue sustainably. With AppVertising, our solution for digital marketing, we determine the optimal strategy for your individual goals. From App store optimization to SEO to digital channels and innovative formats – What does your digital content need to optimize its success?

It's that easy!

For more app installations and more revenue, increase the visibility of your app in the store and on the web.

More than just digital:
new formats and interaction

Digital users’ media consumption is more topic-driven and situation-dependent, and the material is optimized via search engine. . Take advantage of the digital possibilities and prepare your content in various formats – from text to audio and video to Alexa skills. Customize your media consumption with teasers, abstracts, themed specials and curated content. Through cross-media, interactive actions, you engage your audience. In short: offer the content in a form that wins over digital users.

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Digital success – what does it really mean?

Each of our customers requires a different answer.

For every company and every media producer, there are different requirements and goals behind digital success. Our goal is to bring your content digitally to your target audience – and not just through digital production itself. For us, distribution and marketing are just as important as the analysis of user behavior in order to implement monetization and growth strategies.

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Digital success with your content: We comment, analyse and look behind the trends and the facts in our blog.

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Why PressMatrix?
Experience and digital innovations – PressMatrix combines the two.

We think digitally throughout the process: from app development to digital marketing including individual potential analysis to the implementation of innovative formats. We guarantee measurable success for our customers – backed by solid experience.

Founded in Berlin in 2011, more than 30 digital enthusiasts now work closely with customers in small, dynamic teams. Today we are the European market leader in magazine apps, serving customers worldwide. But what really makes us unique is our passion for innovative digital ideas, our curiosity and our desire for something new and disruptive.

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As a young software company, we specialize in the development and design of innovative products that simplify the digital publishing of content. Teamwork, fun and a relaxed, open and trusting atmosphere are just as important to us as innovation and customer satisfaction.
Our company lives from a diverse, international team and the personal influences of each individual. We combine the knowledge from all departments, from IT through sales, marketing and service, and maintain a dynamic and flexible work environment with flat hierarchies. Send an e-mail to: jobs@pressmatrix.de.

Sende eine E-Mail an: jobs@pressmatrix.de.

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