Professional digital publishing across multiple channels

Customer-oriented publishing goes beyond the familiar fixed-cycle publishing of traditional print media and the apps that follow suit: With ReadMatrix, our publishing management system, you edit and publish content pieces individually. This means that app users are kept continuously up-to-date and your content is distributed on additional channels. Your publications achieve more reach and more interaction.

Why ReadMatrix?

With ReadMatrix you manage content and its publication across multiple channels, tailored to the habits of your target audience. For example, stories can be scheduled at different times on the various channels. Also, the channel mix – which channel to use for what content – can be reselected as required.

ReadMatrix is ​​designed as a software-as-a-service solution, so it can be implemented immediately without cumbersome installation, and its usage is particularly intuitive.
The statistical functions of ReadMatrix provide an important tool for optimizing your publishing strategy.

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How it works!

Story Manager is the ReadMatrix workbench. This is where all new and archived content is managed, edited and released for publication.
Here, individual articles can be enriched with additional formats, such as picture galleries and videos.

In Publishing Manager, you plan when and on which channels – Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, or app – to publish content. With real-time statistics, the reach and user behavior can be evaluated to the minute for each individual article.

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