Creating digital value

Digital business models are as diverse as the interests and needs of the readers. Increase your digital sales by selling your publications in the app stores; ensure customer loyalty with flexible, individual subscriptions with added value; and use data analysis to make your offer even more target-group-specific.

Digital sales, customer loyalty and usage analysis

Generate digital sales

The PressMatrix magazine app provides an interface to the Google and Apple app stores. You can offer your publications directly in the stores as in-app purchases. The stores take care of the payments and the issuing of invoices. At the same time, you can use the PressMatrix API to sell your publications in your own shop.

Implement your own business models: set up paywalls and create attractive additional offers such as themed specials or special editions. In this way you can use your content more effectively and increase your digital sales. With various, selectable payment methods, you can make it as convenient as possible for your customers to purchase your content.

Digital loyalty and subscription options in keeping with the times

Expand your print offer with a digital component or create completely new models and possibilities. For instance you can offer your customers flat-rate combination subscriptions, with which they can view the full spectrum of digital content, including full text in the archive. Or: Give the customer the choice of which subject areas they would like their subscription to cover and create usage-based, target-group-specific offers. 

With PressMatrix you can easily implement flexible subscription models as in-app purchases. You don’t need any additional subscription management – use the integrated PressMatrix functions or your own development environment.

Usage analysis for optimal offers

Develop your offer in a targeted manner: Analyze the response to your publications – which topics are of most interest to the target groups and which multimedia formats are particularly popular? With the PressMatrix reporting solution, you have an overview of your performance at all times: from the development of sales to the development of user numbers through to the number of clicks on individual elements.

An intuitively operable dashboard gives you an overview. Analyze the performance of your publications on a daily basis and use this knowledge to make your digital offers more successful. Your digital success becomes measurable and as such the basis for future business decisions.

At a glance: The PressMatrix solution for digital publishing and distribution

Increase your sales through individual sales and design your subscription offers to correspond to the specific wishes of your target groups.