Knowing what users want

With the reporting solution from PressMatrix, you can keep an eye on the performance of your publication. Use this knowledge to align your offers even more with target groups’ requirements or to focus on specific topics. With such data you can flexibly control your digital strategy and sustainably increase your digital sales.

Using analytics to optimize the offer

Professional reporting

With PressMatrix Reporting you have a powerful analytic tool at your disposal with which you can evaluate the use of your publications – both in the app and in the browser version – on a daily basis. Find out where your readers come from, what time of day they read most often and, above all, which content, issues and pages they are explicitly interested in. Keep an eye on your digital sales, both for retail sales and subscriptions.

Creating target-group-specific offers with the help of usage analytics

Continue developing your offer in a targeted manner: Analyze the response to your publications, which topics are of most interest to the target groups and which multimedia formats are particularly popular. Use this knowledge to make your digital offers more successful: Develop target-group-specific offers or topic specials; adapt your brand communication and sales channels accordingly; and make your e-paper successful in the long term.

Überblick: Die PressMatrix-Lösung für professionelles Reporting

With the detailed real-time usage analytics, you can keep an eye on the performance of your publication and further develop your offer based on this information.